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ACEnet is seeking a Facility Manager for our Nelsonville campus that includes our Nelsonville Business Center, Food & Farm Enterprise Center, and Wood Manufacturing Center.


Job Requirements

  • Maintaining Nelsonville Campus, including facilities, equipment and grounds
  • Managing preventive maintenance and inventory of supplies
  • Researching and advising for purchases of equipment
  • Coordinating service delivery with ACEnet contractors and vendors
  • Coordinating tenant schedules for access to shared-use production space
  • Overseeing food production operations
  • Meeting with all Federal, State, and local inspectors and accompanying them on inspections
  • Assisting in the preparation and gathering of information for reports
  • Assisting with tenant relations
  • Supervising of any support staff assigned to facility operations
  • Attending staff meetings
  • Any and all other tasks as assigned by direct supervisor related or relevant to the successful administration of the position of facility manager


Expected Job Outcomes:

  1. Well-maintained facilities on the Nelsonville Campus
  2. Profitable income flow for facility
  3. Tenant needs addressed timely and to resolution
  4. Proper and timely communication with supervisory staff
  5. Budgetary accountability
  6. Strategic planning of facility status and needs, current and future
  7. Self-motivated problem solving leading to completed projects


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