ACEnet appreciates the support of all the funders, donors and community members that have helped us over the years. As we grow to support the changing needs of our clients, our list of training opportunities grows and our equipment wish list grows as well. Click the ‘Support Us’ button in the sidebar to contribute now!

Donate Equipment & Supplies

If you have equipment that you are considering donating, please contact to see if the equipment fits our needs. Here is a listing of the items on our current wish list, although other donations may be accepted.

Program Work

ACEnet staff hosts and presents year-round trainings while developing new programs and campaigns to help small businesses advance in Southeast Ohio. If you would like to help fund existing programming we would appreciate your support. Click the ‘Support Us’ button in the sidebar to contribute now!

Kroger Community Rewards

You can support us when you shop at Kroger by participating in the Kroger Community Rewards program! By designating “ACE NET” (the space in the middle is necessary) as the recipient of your Community Rewards points, Kroger will contribute a portion of the proceeds to ACEnet. Click here to learn more! And don’t forget to re-enroll each year!

Amazon Smile

Shopping online? You can support us using the Amazon Smile option. Everything is the same as when you normally shop at Amazon, but with Amazon Smile a portion of your sales will go to ACEnet. This link is the simplest way to register for ACEnet at Amazon Smile: Support ACEnet at Amazon Smile!


If you would like to volunteer with ACEnet please contact with a brief description of your specific interests and prior experience. If we find that your interests are better suited to one of our partner organizations we will put you in contact with someone who can help you get involved.