Madelyn Brewer, Special Projects Coordinator

Madelyn Brewer

Special Projects Coordinator


Madelyn Brewer joined the ACEnet staff as full-time Special Projects Coordinator in December 2017 to support activities for the Central Appalachian Food Corridor, a two-year project funded through the Appalachian Regional Commission, focused on food-sector job and business creation, expansion and retention across the Central Appalachian region.

With the end for the Food Corridor project, Madelyn expanded her focus to act as a contact point for ACEnet’s partners in West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky, increasing our network’s capacity for economic development. She coordinates events, workshops and ACEnet tours. Madelyn is a trained facilitator of the AIR Institute at Berea College in Kentucky and is active in multiple creative placemaking initiatives working as regional economic drivers.

Madelyn is a 2017 graduate of Ohio University holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Health with a minor in Business Administration. Having been raised on a family farm in Holmes County, OH, she enjoys helping revitalize the agricultural economy in the Appalachian region while increasing the access of local and healthy foods to consumers.