1. Intake Form

Potential clients are required to complete an Intake Form. The form provides information which helps our staff gain a sense of your business experience, and which assistance areas your business will likely utilize. Once the intake form is complete, you can schedule an intake meeting with our staff to discuss opportunities which fit your needs. Initial intake fee is $50.00.

2. Intake Meeting

To schedule your intake meeting, email Larry Fisher.

All research and planning conducted ahead of time will increase the productivity of the intake meeting. During the meeting, we will discuss a variety of topics, including your Intake Form, market research, and samples of your products.

Items to Bring to Intake Meeting

  1. Intake Packet
  2. Samples of Products
  3. Market Research / Information About Similar Products
  4. Budget / Financial Projections (if existing business)
  5. Business Plan


Things to consider

Company Structure

Many start-up businesses operate as a sole proprietor, filing taxes under your own personal income tax return. Others operate as a “LLC” or Limited Liability Corporation, providing some “limited” protection for your personal assets and income. As companies grow, they begin to consider forming a regular corporation. We encourage you to research which company structure is best for your business through talking with your attorney or speaking to someone at your local Small Business Development Center.