As part of our intake process, all potential clients are required to complete an Intake Form. The form provides information which helps our staff gain a sense of your business experience, and which assistance areas your business will likely utilize. If you require assistance which better fits the services offered by one of our partner organizations, we will refer you to the appropriate resources. Once the intake form is complete, you can schedule an intake meeting with our staff to discuss resources and opportunities that meet your needs. The intake process, including the initial intake meeting, has a fee of $50.00.

In preparing for your intake meeting, keep in mind that all research and planning conducted ahead of time will increase the productivity of the intake meeting. Before your visit, compare and price product packaging and begin forming a list of markets you plan to access. Study how similar businesses package and market their products as well as the target consumer group you will be trying to reach. If you are a food business, be sure to visit the Food Sector page to see sector – specific services and requirements for food clients, and to access resources for packaging and ingredient suppliers and market access tools.

Interested in learning more about our client and tenant opportunities? Check out this video to experience the services ACEnet has to offer.