ACEnet Tenant RePower Network Cooperative Gives New Life to Old Batteries

Look for our lithium ion battery collection drop boxes, one at ACEnet and one at the Community Makerspace

The RePower Network Cooperative has come together to work towards the transition to a clean and just energy economy by developing more accessible energy storage products. As the demand for EVs grows, there will be a wave of used batteries whose performance is no longer sufficient for vehicles that draw high power for acceleration and need high capacity for a long range. These batteries could still have a useful and profitable second life as backup storage for residential and grid-scale solar photovoltaic installations and would make energy storage more affordable.

Currently the RePower Network Cooperative works out of ACEnet’s Athens and Nelsonville incubator campuses. RePower Network Cooperative members include: Morgan Hager, Matt Baker and Nick Bolton. Cooperative governance is the next step in our development. We are committed to providing affordable products and services by utilizing second life batteries and through our cooperative business model.

Second life cordless tool cells on their way to becoming an e-bike battery

Batteries are at the heart of our organization and expertise and we offer a variety of battery-centric products and services. We do complete off-grid solar installations for those interested in generating and storing their own electricity. For those more interested in powering a remote work site or while camping we also sell portable power packs that do not need to be incorporated with solar.

Finally, for those who want to get out and hit the trails or want a little more assistance on their commute, we have a growing inventory of affordable e-bikes for sale or will do a conversion if you bring-your-own-bike.

Interested in learning more? Please get in touch with us if you want to go off-grid, go e-biking or chat about all things battery!


Matt Baker and Morgan Hager with a prototype second life e-bike battery.

Submitted by Morgan Hager