“The times they are a-changin.”
While Bob Dylan’s lyrics were heard for the first time 57 years ago,
they continue to echo across the land.


Today, these words ring true as we work with small businesses in our region, many of whom are currently struggling with employment issues and perceived labor shortages.

At ACEnet, we have been working to find new, innovative ways to help our communities and our clients at this unique point in our history – a time when jobs seem readily available and yet we lack the people to fill them.

We need your support to move forward with what we believe are some of the possible solutions – working with recovery and rehabilitation professionals and engaging with programs that connect local high school students with career opportunities through internships with small businesses.


During 2021, ACEnet began partnering with the STAR Justice Center in Nelsonville, a community based correctional facility intended to promote public safety and reduce prison commitment.

To date, we have connected 14 STAR residents for internships with 6 different ACEnet Food Venture clients and provided 407 hours of on-the-job experience and potential employment opportunity.

Through the support of Ohio University’s Steven’s Literacy Center, we are positioned to begin training opportunities within STAR over the next few weeks.



ACEnet has also began partnering with the Athens Meigs Education Service Center (AMESC) to look at matching high school students with small businesses in another series of internships.

Two of our staff are collaborating with the Center’s Business Advisory Council and we are working with an intern from the Nelsonville-York School District.

We are just beginning to gain a clearer understanding of how this program could benefit students and small businesses and further grow career pathways in our region.

Your support will help us expand our efforts and connect more students with these opportunities.


Through this work, ACEnet and ACEnet clients have observed first-hand the impact these investments can make for our small business community during these changing times. ACEnet continues to innovate around new ways to grow our regional economy by developing a pathway to employment opportunities and engaging with new partners at STAR and AMESC. We invite you to join us through your generous support and welcome you to be a partner in new solutions for a changing time!


Please consider making a tax deductible contribution through Paypal at paypal.me/acenetathens.

If you’d like to help, but not online, you can also mail a check to ACEnet at 94 Columbus Road, Athens, OH 45701.