If you live in or commute to the city of Athens, it has been impossible to not notice the amount of road construction occurring on Stimson Ave. The corridor is under major renovation, an upgrade that is long overdue. The project will reconstruct the corridor from East State Street and Grant Street. Stimson Avenue, which is a main entrance into the heart of Athens, was last updated in the 1970s. The one downside is getting drivers up to date on the lane changes.

Although most business owners are on board for the construction and the new benefits is will provide, in the meantime there are some challenges. Many of the business owners have struggled to keep their customers aware that they are open for business.

ACEnet is facilitating a new Facebook page with the help of Erin LaBelle of the Athens Photographic ProjectCelebrate Stimson.

Celebrate Stimson is a community collaboration between local businesses and their supporters along the commercial corridor of Stimson Avenue, and Erin has been visiting with the local owners to document their operations.

We encourage our newsletter readers to follow and like the page. ACEnet would also love to see some selfies as you patronize these businesses. Let’s Celebrate Stimson!