Find your next adventure with 20 Under 20. 20 destinations within 20 miles of Shawnee, Ohio: outdoor destinations + seasonal events and local amenities for fun and refreshment after your outdoor time.

Delia Palmisano, ACEnet’s Multimedia Designer and Scott Kreps, the Shawnee Trail Town Coordinator partnered up to bring the booklet to life. Delia took the lead on visual content and design and Scott focused on identifying the outdoor destinations. Nicki Mazzocca from the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council provided original map design. The guide is an “Ohio’s Winding Road Experience Guide” and was funded through a USDA grant.

You can view or download the 20 Under 20 guide here:

Ohio’s Winding Road (OWR) is a locally driven economic development initiative in Athens, Fairfield, Hocking, Meigs, Morgan, Muskingum, Perry, Vinton, and Washington counties that strives to support and promote authentic and sustainable experiences in the Appalachian Ohio region. OWR partners include Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area, ACEnet, Rural Action, Ohio University and Hocking College.

The Shawnee Trail Town Network is a group of non-profit and local government entities helping build an experience-based econonmy in the Little Cities of Black Diamonds region. Network Partners include the Village of Shawnee, The Buckeye Trail Association, OWR, The Little Cities of Black Diamonds, Tecumseh Theater and Destination Shawnee. Local business support comes from Shawnee Mercantile and Black Diamond Tavern.

Community Update & visuals by ACEnet Multimedia Designer, Delia Palmisano