The Athens Food Ventures Center houses the Central Kitchen, Thermal Processing Room, and Warehouse. The facility, utilized by approximately 65 food entrepreneurs annually, was among the first of its kind in the United States. Access to a shared-use, licensed, commercial kitchen reduces barriers for start-ups allowing entrepreneurs to developed products and businesses without high overhead cost of purchasing facilities, equipment, and necessary licensing. The Food Ventures Center is monitored by a recently updated surveillance system to ensure the security of the facilities, and of our clients’ equipment and products.

Location: 94 Columbus Road, Athens, Ohio, 45701


Licenses Held by Food Ventures Center

  • Food Service Operation License for catering businesses, food trucks, etc.
  • Cold Storage Warehouse License
  • Frozen Food Establishment License

In compliance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, the following licenses need to be obtained directly by the client:

  • Certificate of Bakery Registration
  • Commercial Cannery License

Note: ACEnet can assist in these licensing processes.


Central Kitchen Equipment

  • 5 Stainless Steel Tables
  • 1 Cutting Board Table
  • 3 Wooden Bakery Tables
  • Conventional Oven with 10 Burner Stove (Vulcan Timber)
  • 2 Slicers (Hobart)
  • 3 Manual Can Openers (#2 Edlund)
  • Blast Chiller
  • Cool Down Room (6′ x 10′)
  • 9 Convection Ovens (Vulcan and Snorkled)
  • 2 Sanitizing Stations containing 3 bay sinks
  • 80 Quart Mixer (M 802)
  • 60 Quart Mixer (Univex)
  • 10 Quart Mixer (Hobart D300)
  • 10 Quart Mixer (A-200f7)
  • 2 Scales up to 30 lb (Pinn Cm)
  • Packaging & Labelling Room (containing four 8′ stainless tables)

Thermal Processing Room Equipment

  • 3 Bay Sink
  • 3 Stainless Steel Tables
  • Automated 20 PS Boiler and Condensate Return System
  • 3 Steam Jacketed Kettles Totalling 200 Gallons
  • Vertical Chopper
  • Buffalo Chopper (84186 Hobart)
  • Electric Tilt Skillet (TS-106)
  • Automatic Can Opener (Edlund 610)
  • Twin Head Simplex Volumetric Piston Filler

Warehouse Equipment

  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Warehouse Storage Cages
  • Distribution Space
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Drive-up Loading Docks