Herbal Sage Tea Company is one of ACEnet’s many clients that we have been working with for about 15 years. Maureen Burns-Hooker, also known as the Tea Lady, owner of Herbal Sage, began the business in 1996 on the principles of creating beneficial tea blends using the highest quality ingredients.

Herbal Sage Tea Company

As Maureen is CHES certified, which is a Clinical Health Education Specialist, and an experienced herbalist. She is strategic about making sure the tea blends both taste wonderful and have some health-improving quality. As I learned during a recent meeting with Maureen, loose leaf tea retains far more essential oils from the plant as well as stronger health benefits due to the herbs being minimally cut, in comparison to normal bagged tea.

Though Herbal Sage Herbal Sage Tea Companyhas always created its products with organic practices, the tea company recently became officially certified organic! All ingredients are natural and organically sourced, and Maureen seeks out the best growers of herbs and spices around the world. Look out for the new organic certified labeling on her products in the various places they’re sold!

As part of my role with ACEnet, I’ve been working on a lot of marketing and promotional material for various clients. Herbal Sage Tea Company is the most recent producer I’ve been working with, as ACEnet is helping Maureen create a marketing plan to possibly expand the already successful business. It’s been a super fun job for me as I got to learn about all the health capabilities of loose leaf herbal tea and how a small business grows over time and expands into new markets. It’s also been inspiring to work with such an awesome, woman-owned & operated local business!

Herbal Sage Tea CompanyThrough this project, I’m helping with the rebranding of the company as well as creating some new marketing pieces while Special Projects Coordinator Rosemary Roe is working with Maureen to update Herbal Sage’s marketing strategy to support new sales growth and increased market share. In addition to this re-branding, the tea company has a new home in a renovated, historic building in Pomeroy, the Brickhouse Apothecary, which functions as a place for tea creation as well as offers lovely guest rooms and classrooms for various educational purposes.

Check out Maureen’s blog to stay updated on Herbal Sage Tea Company’s progress as well as learn about different blends! Aside from finding Herbal Sage in stores and at the Athens Farmers Market, the tea company’s website has an extensive list of all its teas, bulk herbs, custom blending options and accessories, and you can even order online.

Community Update by ACEnet Multimedia Designer, Alexandria Polanosky