National Farmers Market Week runs from August 7th to August 13th, an excellent opportunity to celebrate your local farmers market!

TCelebrate Your Local Farmers Market!his is an especially great time to get away from the typical grocery store, go outside in the sun where our food is grown, and connect with the growers and producers working hard to grow and make foods locally.

It’s refreshing to be reminded that purchases at a farmers market support economic growth in our region. When all of our food is organized onto lit, indoor shelves, it is easy to forget where our food came from, what went into making it, and who was responsible for growing it. Thank goodness for our farmers!

Eating local produce, baked goods, eggs, dairy and meats from the farmers market is an experience that everyone should try. These foods are grown and produced in the same area in which they are sold, they do not travel over long distances, and it’s collected or picked right when it’s ready to be eaten, making it all so much fresher. The taste is noticeably different and items last longer in your fridge at home because everything is so fresh. Farmer’s market vendors are highly knowledgeable about the food they produce, be sure to ask them for best ways to store your food or even for tips on cooking.

Celebrate Your Local Farmers Market!Buying from the local farmers market is both good for your taste buds and your local economy. Each dollar that you spend at the market goes toward a local farmer, producer, or chef and helps to stimulate the economy in the area in which you live. Keeping your money local contributes to the economic health of your town and your neighbors. Supporting our local farmers is essential for preserving rural livelihoods and for making sure that small farmers can stay in business, create new jobs, and continue to grow food for generations to come.

Farmers markets often grow to be really fun atmospheres full of community engagement and support. As a market grows, it can make room for ready-to-eat foods, entertainment, and spaces for socializing. It’s really about embracing the uniqueness of your own region and the creativity of you area’s farmers and chefs. The farmer’s market here in Athens Ohio provides space each month for artists, musicians, food trucks and community programs like Master Gardeners and Jr. Chef School. Support your local economy and see what creative activities are occurring when you visit a farmer’s market this week!


Check out some of our regional markets:

Athens Farmers MarketCelebrate Your Local Farmers Market!
1000 E. State Street
Athens Mall & Parking Lot Saturdays 9am – 12pm | All Year
Wednesdays 9AM – 12PM | April – December
Thursdays 4pm – 7pm | May – September
Facebook: Athens Farmers Market


Nelsonville Farmers Market
Corner of East Canal & Rocky Boots Way
Saturdays 10am – 2pm | May – October
Facebook: Nelsonville Farmers Market


Chesterhill Produce Auction Celebrate Your Local Farmers Market!
8380 Wagoner Road, Chesterhill, Ohio
Mondays & Thursdays 4pm – 7pm
May – October
Facebook: Chesterhill Produce Auction



Written by ACEnet Healthy Food Access Promotion VISTA, Kailee Slusser