For over 20 years, the Central Appalachian Network, or CAN, has developed a network of nonprofit organizations serving over 150 counties in the Central Appalachian states of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. ACEnet has been a member of CAN since its inception in 1992. CAN’s mission is to work with individuals, community leaders, businesses, policy makers, nonprofit organizations and others to develop and deploy new economic strategies that create wealth and reduce poverty while restoring and conserving the environment.

CAN’s diverse organizations employ a variety of strategies that focus on building partnerships, performing research and public education, developing policy and infrastructure, supporting entrepreneurs, providing technical and business assistance and building value-added assets. CAN and its member organizations are leading the charge in transforming Central Appalachia’s economy by creating economic opportunities through the development of local food value chains.

Every wondered what a local food value chain looks like on the ground? This beautiful 7-minute video, coordinated by the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group program Wealth Works and produced by Kertis Creative, features the CAN members and partners in two value chains, Appalachia Ohio and Southwest Virginia, who are working to grow resilient local food systems that build wealth in the community.