Cale G. Burke,

Cale G. Burke

Cale G. Burke is a Senior Project Manager at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service. As a member of the Social Enterprise Ecosystem Program, Cale is responsible for coaching and supporting entrepreneurs in recovery from Substance Use Disorder. Additionally, he is tasked with providing technical support and assisting expanding the Recovery Community Organization (RCO) network in South East Ohio.  As a self-proclaimed person in long term recovery, as well as the founder of an Athens based RCO, Cale is uniquely positioned to help recovery-based enterprises. He also had a 17-year career in IT sales and founded an IT security general contracting firm in Columbus, Ohio.

Cale’s community volunteerism goes back more than a decade. From 2005 until it was absorbed into a larger agency in 2012, he was an Advisory Board Member for Syntaxis Youth Homes. From 2015 to 2019, Cale volunteered as Head of Security for a homeless outreach organization on Columbus’s Hilltop, Jordan’s Crossing Resource Center. Currently, he serves as the Peer Mentor for the Athens County Veteran Drug Court. Cale is a Desert Storm Veteran having served in the US Navy from 1987-1991.