Root to Seed

By Appalachian Accessible Food Network

Root to Seed is an Appalachian storytelling podcast dedicated to sharing unique stories about local food in Southeast Ohio. We speak to farmers, food justice activists, entrepreneurs, and other innovators in our local food economy.

The show is produced by staff and volunteers from the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks, Community Food Initiatives, and Rural Action. These three nonprofits make up the Appalachian Accessible Food Network (AAFN), a collaborative project to accelerate the distribution of local foods into Appalachian Ohio communities.



2022 Podcasts

The Veggie Van Story

Ivan Orquera, the manager of the Veggie Van program at Community Food Initiatives, joins us in this episode to talk about the Veggie Van mobile market and how it plays a role in reducing food insecurity in southeast Ohio.

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The Woodland Ridge Story

In this conversation, Paul Harper from Woodland Ridge Farm and Learning Center talks about his business endeavors in local food and agritourism, as well as his thoughts on nutrition and rural life.

For up-to-date information about Woodland Ridge Farm and Learning Center, call Paul Harper. His information, along with more detail on his work, can be found at:


The Annie Warmke Story

Annie Warmke recounts her personal history that led her to a career in activism, sustainability, and farming. We talk about the importance of advocating for women in agriculture, forest farming, mentorship, agritourism, and more. Please note that this episode contains details of domestic violence between 4 and 14 minutes into the episode, so skip to the 14 minute mark if that would make you uncomfortable.

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