Larry Fisher, Executive Director

Larry Fisher

Executive Director

740-592-3854 ext. 112

Larry Fisher is the Executive Director of ACEnet. Larry initially joined the ACEnet staff in 2002 as the Director of the ACEnet Food Ventures Program, overseeing the operations of the shared-use kitchen. Along with his 20 plus years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Larry has completed numerous food related trainings including HACCP Training, FDA Label Training, and the Better Process Control School. He also received a certificate in Entrepreneurship Center Management from the International Business Innovation Association. Through his efforts in local food systems, Larry has provided facility and operational training in Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and in four communities in Ohio.

Larry is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. He oversees program development and administration, provides leadership … Read More

Leslie Schaller, Director of Programs

Leslie Schaller

Director of Programs

740-592-3854 ext. 115

Leslie Schaller joined the ACEnet staff in 2002. Originally the Food Ventures Business and Marketing Director, Leslie is now the Director of Programs & Business Development. She directs multiple training and technical assistance programs which assist micro-entrepreneurs through small business curriculum development, contract services and the formation of support networks of resource providers. Leslie secures public and private funding through grants and fees for services to support regional brand initiatives, targeted sector training, financial management support and capital access. Leslie is responsible for working directly with entrepreneurs throughout the intake and assessment process, start-up and expansion stages.

Leslie is currently a partner of the Aspen Institute’s Scale Academy, the Central Appalachian Network, the Ohio Food Policy Network, the Ohio Food Hub Network and UpGrade Athens County.

Barbara Volsko, Finance and Administrative Assistant

Barbara Volsko

Finance and Administrative Assistant

740-592-3854 ext. 100

Barbara Volsko joined the staff of ACEnet in August of 2008 as a Financial Assistant. Her primary responsibilities include accounts payable/receivable, payroll and audit assistance. She also provides support for data collection, reporting, fundraising and event planning.

Barbara received her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology from Thiel College, Greenville, Pa. and a Masters of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Washington, Seattle.

In Seattle, she worked for more than 15 years as office manager of a private medical practice. Upon returning to Ohio, Barbara served for three years as Administrative Coordinator at the non-profit Foundation for Appalachian Ohio in Nelsonville, managing internal records, donor and grantee databases and coordinating seminars and fundraising events.

Meggan Loveland, Programs & Communications Coordinator

Meggan Loveland

Programs & Communications Coordinator


Meggan Loveland joined the ACEnet staff in 2015 as the Programs & Communications Coordinator. Meggan provides program and grant development support; organizational branding and communications; regional brand program support; creates content for and manages ACEnet e-newsletters and website; and coordinates events, fundraising and promotions. Meggan has experience in social campaign planning, social media metrics analysis, utilizing search engine optimization practices and social media marketing training delivery.

Prior to joining ACEnet, Meggan served as ACEnet’s Food Enterprise VISTA, through the Ohio CDC AmeriCorps VISTA program, working to increase healthy food access and ACEnet’s communications capacity.

Meggan first became a resident of Athens County in 2000 when she began her studies at Ohio University, graduating with honors and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology.

Adam Kody, Food Enterprise Coordinator

Adam Kody

Food Enterprise Coordinator

740-592-3854 ext. 119

Adam Kody joined the ACEnet staff in December 2016, serving as the Food Enterprise Coordinator. Adam manages ACEnet’s shared-use kitchen incubator. He assists in providing training and technical assistance to food and farm microenterprises. He is the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Coordinator for the ACEnet Food Ventures Center in Athens where small businesses produce artisanal, value-added specialty foods. Adam works directly with entrepreneurs throughout the intake and assessment process, start-up and expansion stages. He has a wide-ranging series of certifications in food safety, including Better Process Controls, HACCP-plan development and implementation, and Preventive Controls for Human Food. Additionally, Adam is a certified ServSafe instructor and proctor, having assisted many foodservice entrepreneurs and employees through successful completion of the State-required Food Protection Manager certification course. He uses this knowledge base to implement a multi-tiered approach … Read More

Sam Rife, Facilities Manager

Sam Rife

Facilities Manager

740-592-3854 ext. 125

Sam Rife joined the ACEnet staff as Facilities Manager in November 2016. Sam maintains all ACEnet campuses, including facilities, equipment and grounds. He also manages preventive maintenance and inventory of supplies, researches and advises for purchases of equipment, assists with tenant relations and supervises any support staff assigned to facility operations. Sam provides support services for housekeeping and maintenance in the form of insuring that all areas of all buildings and grounds on the campus are kept clean, neat and sanitary for the use of the employees and the public and also makes appropriate suggestions for ways to continually improve the overall operation of all the businesses and buildings.

Sam lives in Meigs County with his wife Stephanie who home-schools their 4 daughters, and they run an environmentally-friendly, small greenhouse business … Read More

Chris Quolke, Small Business Support Specialist and Trainer

Chris Quolke

Small Business Support Specialist and Trainer

740-592-3854 ext. 120

Chris Quolke joined the ACEnet staff in December 2019 as the Facility Operator for the 294/296 Harper Street Facility in Nelsonville. Now ACEnet’s Small Business Support Specialist & Trainer, Chris directly interacts with and provides technical assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners in all sectors to help them enhance their businesses. He coordinates ACEnet’s recovery and reentry activities to help create equitable communities where individuals can thrive. Chris also supports and oversees the ACEnet shared-use Wood Manufacturing Center on the Nelsonville Business Campus that hosts and assists regional wood manufacturing businesses.

He is the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Coordinator for the ACEnet Food and Farm Enterprise Center in Nelsonville, Ohio where small businesses produce artisanal, value-added meat products under the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Meat Inspection. Chris provides mandated training on the Meat Processing and Produce Processing Facilities, and is responsible for the development and execution of each producer’s HACCAP (Hazard Analysis … Read More

Rachel Brunot, Fresh and Healthy Foods VISTA

Rachel Brunot

Fresh and Healthy Foods VISTA

740-592-3854 ext. 124

Rachel Brunot joined ACEnet in June 2021 as the Fresh and Healthy Foods VISTA through the Ohio CDC AmeriCorps VISTA program. Rachel will spend the next year assisting with evaluation design, training, and infrastructure support to provide farming and specialty food entrepreneurs with resources, infrastructure, skills and strategies to start and expand their operations into profitable businesses that support sustainable livelihoods, while simultaneously increasing the diversity and safety in the local food economy.

Rachel is new to the Athens area but has lived in Ohio her whole life, first in Cleveland and then in Columbus, where she graduated from Ohio State in May 2021 with a bachelor’s in Geography and International Studies. She is interested in nonprofit work, community development, and sustainable food systems and looks forward to continuing to become … Read More

Garrison Breeze, Facilities Operator, Nelsonville

Garrison Breeze

Facilities Operator, Nelsonville

Garrison Breeze joined ACEnet in 2021 as Facilities Operator – Nelsonville Food Hub. Garrison is responsible for managing warehouse operations, storage, delivery, and distribution logistics at ACEnet’s Nelsonville Facility. He works one- on-one with each building tenant to make sure that the facility is organized, orderly, and functions to meet their needs. Garrison maintains the shared use-spaces, making sure that the facility is clean and equipment is operational and receiving regular maintenance inspections. He manages multiple leased office spaces in two different buildings, client inventory storage, and building ingress and egress. Garrison will be receiving and providing mandated training on the new Meat Processing and Produce Processing Facilities, which are located in the Nelsonville Food Hub.

Bailey Grenert, Project Coordinator & Trainer

Bailey Grenert

Project Coordinator & Trainer

740-592-3854 ext. 128

Bailey Grenert joined the ACEnet staff in 2021 as Project Coordinator & Trainer. Bailey provides training and technical assistance to targeted entrepreneur populations via workshops, webinars and 1-1 interactions. She works in multiple sectors, including Artists, Artisans & Makers, Destination & Tourism Creative Placemaking, and Farmers Markets. Bailey assists in the development and delivery of a variety of workshops and webinars, including creation of curriculum materials and developing workshop schedules. She has experience with organizing and promoting events, social media marketing, data collection and volunteer management. Bailey articulates ACEnet projects to the community and provides updates through multiple platforms, including social media and creating blog posts. She works with the Director of Programs in researching potential grants, applying for grants and writing grant reports.

Bailey holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio … Read More

Delia Palmisano, Multimedia Designer

Delia Palmisano

Multimedia Designer

740-592-3854 ext. 114

Delia Palmisano joined the ACEnet staff in 2021 as Multimedia Designer. Delia utilizes the latest software and provides direct 1-1 technical assistance to entrepreneurs to provide them with high-resolution designs and promotional materials such as brochures, rack cards, posters, books, etc. She focuses on strengthening her clients’ brand identities by visually conveying a narrative that appeals to a wider, more inclusive audience. Delia utilizes her background in photojournalism to provide clients with high quality product photography, photo & video storytelling, and is a contributor to the ACEnet blog highlighting ACEnet entrepreneurs & events.

Delia is a 2002 graduate from Ohio University with degrees in Photojournalism and Spanish. Prior to moving back to Athens in 2017, she lived for 12 years in Denver, Colorado, and owned and operated a photography business. Delia earned … Read More