ACEnet is currently in the process of updating Food Ventures Center equipment as part of our 30th Anniversary Campaign. With generous grant funding from the USDA, we have recently purchased a new Simplex double-headed piston filler for the thermal processing room. However, we still have a long wish-list for equipment upgrades. If you would like to make a contribution to our equipment fund, any sized donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Click the ‘Support Us’ button in the sidebar to contribute now! Here are our current priority items:

Metro C519-PXFV-4 C5 1 Full Height Aluminium Proofing Cabinet

The C5 Series Proofing Cabinet features individual analog controls for temperature and humidity levels. Other features include an easy-to-read digital thermometer, recessed control dials, a master on/off switch and power indicator lights. The cabinet’s clear, polycarbonate door provides visibility of the contents without heat loss.

Funding Cost – $1,589.00
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Robot Coupe® R301UDICE Food Processor

The Robot Coupe food processor comes with a vegetable preparation attachment and includes two discs and a dicing kit. Featuring a 3.5 Qt. Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl and Stainless Steel
Smooth edge Straight “S” Blade and a selection of 21 Stainless Steel discs, this processor will facilitate food preparation for many of our catering and restaurant clients.

Funding Cost – $2159.00
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