ACEnet, in partnership with Rural Action and Community Food Initiatives, formed a collaboration known as the Appalachia Accessible Food Network to accelerate local, healthy food access to underserved communities in Appalachia Ohio. During the planning phase, the partnership conducted an assessment of food security in the region and outlined proposed solutions for reducing food insecurity and working to eradicate its underlying causes. The collaboration has received generous funding through the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation.

Primary Goals

  • Scaling up infrastructure
  • Increasing distribution of fresh local foods throughout Southeast Ohio to:

Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Refrigerated Truck
  • Truck Racks
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • Flash Freezing

Increased Staff Capacity

Grant funding has also allowed for increased staffing for Community Food Initiatives to replicate their Donation Station program, building the program to impact food security in other rural communities. The partnership has hired a full-time Food Partner Access Coordinator Position to manage the collaborative work plan, bring stakeholders together, undertake planning, research, and fundraising for program strategies and to assist with the management of the food hub systems.